Who We Are

Tofu and Cake Restaurant was established in 2012, it serves authentic traditional Indonesian delicacies from the delicious siomay to the mouth-watering pecel lele.


With the success of the opening of the first branch in The Centre, a second branch was built a couple years later in Barwa Village.


In order to live up to its name, each and every dishes are served with our special tofu that will make your tongue dance for more. The tofu is made from a recipe that was created by the father of the owner all the way back in 1970 where he sold tofu for a living. The tofu is so delicious to the extent that every dish has tofu in it, even the ones that originally didn't contain tofu was altered so that tofu is included. The restaurant is popular mostly amongst Indonesians, Malaysians and Filipinos, after all, they are our beloved neighbours. And its main form of advertising is using words of mouth, which usually only works well when the food is exceptionally tasty. Do drop by and have a try, guaranteed you'll be saying, "Oh My!".